For Over a Decade, RULON & WHITE Has Been at the Forefront of Advancing Legislation and Regulations for Emerging Markets:

A non traditional triad of federal legislative and agency policy goal setting for corporate and organizations clients, innovative solutions, and guided expertise charged in past accomplishments
We are advancing the emerging technologies: Internet (eg, Web3), IT & AI, Transportation (eg, Autonomous)

Practice Areas

We have been advancing obtuse policy in Congress, Federal Agencies,
and the White House for seven years and counting being the first
Crypto/Blockchain DC Government Affairs firm in the United States

A fountain of endless possibilities, both good and bad, in need of policy
Ultimate legitimacy for Records, Insurance, Trading, Voting, Performance, etc.
WEB 3.0

The ultimate distributed internet, but what are the rules going to be?
There’s challenges to make it fast, secure, and facile; what policies help?

Applications of AI can be seen in everyday scenarios
such as financial services fraud detection, retail purchase
predictions, and online customer support interactions.

Cybersecurity crimes are hidden even though gigantic and often widespread
Policies for prevention, detection, mitigation, and restitution vitally needed

Trade restrictions often are at odds with organizations’ needs and outdated
Dealing with the world’s biggest office place is daunting and challenging

If cars had a zero death policy, we wouldn’t have cars, even to this day
Amidst improvements at the rate of software changes, policy needs to be fluid