Technological Chronology


Age of Social Media


Age of Cellphones and APPs


Age of AI and BlockChain

Revolutions in Everything

Now’s the time for subject matter experts to inform policy and regulation

Rulon White coalesced in what seems, in retrospect, to have been the Will of Heaven. In government policy, the mortgage crisis recovery had attracted the bulk of lobbying attention laying bare many abandoned niches, so we made the plunge to pursue them! Our energy and achievements attracted capital sufficient to establish a presence in DC. Our backgrounds were rich, but not yet deep. We consisted of a former House staffer, a DC luminary, and a renowned scientist. To have survived such turbulent times was a success in itself.

Between Social Media and Cellphones, the platform for transforming our economic and cultural landscape was at once upon us. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence there arises a need for carefully crafted policy and regulations to protect ordinary citizens, yet allow businesses to flourish. So, our purpose, again, had a renewed opportunity to add value to our Nation’s governance.

To be effective, we integrated subject matter experts in the arenas of AI, CryptoCurrency/Security, BlockChain, and Autonomous Vehicles.

We sought accomplished technologists in these fields to develop practical informed positions to promote our clients’ policy and regulations positions. That way we could guide and advance the process of policy and regulation formulation without having to orient clients’ officers and specialists regarding the intricacies and peculiarities of the Congress and White House.

Consequently, we now have distinctive subject matter authorities to speak, write, and appear on behalf of clients to advance their agendas. This speeds up progress which, in turn, results in good economics.