Todd is Managing Partner of the Washington, DC-based RWGS. With more than 17 years of government relations, lobbying and public policy consulting, Todd brings in-depth knowledge, strategic relationships, and taking on complex issues within the U.S government on several key issue areas including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Defense, Emerging Technologies, and Web 3.0.

Rulon & White Governance Strategies LLC (RWGS) is the first independent digital currency-blockchain government affairs firm in the United States to approach the Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to draft regulatory proposals on incorporating digital currencies as an alternative commodity (2014). Todd successfully petitioned the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to adopt rulemaking on the use of Bitcoin in federal elections for campaign donations in 2019. He has worked to reshape 22 federal House and Senate-sponsored legislative cryptocurrency bills (2016 to present) including the historical Investment Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2021. He is also Founder of the American Blockchain PAC.

RWGS also specializes in numerous policy issues ranging from appropriations policy to representing several defense corporations with top-secret clearances. Todd also sits on the cybersecurity policy taskforce on behalf of the National Defense Industry Association drafting cybersecurity policy recommendations for the White House, including the House and Senate Arm Services Committee for 2021-22.

Todd’s practice has further represented domestic and international clients under the Department of Justice Foreign Agents Act of 1938, including current corporations within each federal agency and the White House, specializing in regulatory disputes to whistleblower related matters.

Todd’s experience further extends over previous years and included co-chairing House congressional incumbent campaigns and serving as campaign finance treasurer. He has also held two Mayoral appointments and has chaired numerous boards and organizations.

Todd began his Washington, DC career as a legislative staffer for the late Congressman John Conyers, former Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Todd is a former investment banker and Founder of DPB Holdings with which he held securities licenses from 1999 until he sold his firm’s assets in 2007. He is an alumnus of Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government in Public Policy, Central Michigan University in Finance, and the Honors College at Eastern Michigan University in Economics. Todd is fluent in Spanish and conversant in Mandarin.