Web 3.0

Web3 is the salvation of the user from the dominance (and unwarranted exploitation) of big tech. The financial, governance, and personal stakes are monumental.  We are on the brink of inverting the power pyramid, but need enlightened policies to do so, then:

  • Users can own, control, channel, and monetize their information,
  • Users can confidently verify and submit identities and confirm and record representations,
  • Users’ interactions are direct and decentralized, so dependencies are distributed and continuity is robust,
  • Use cases could be regulated on a use case-by-use case thereby enhancing value and reducing user burdens,
  • Web3’s DACs facilitate collaboration so perfectly that they’ll displace corporations as the de facto work unit.

Today, America’s policies surrounding financial disclosure and enforcement has made America the financial capital of the world.  By embedding and enforcing our Constitution’s philosophy into our Internet policies, particularly Web3, America can lead the world in information as it has and continues to do in finance.

Rulon White has been immersed in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, two pillars of Web3, for almost a decade and desire to share this exciting opportunity to advance society and empower people.

Todd White, Managing Partner, has tirelessly put forth cogent policies while garnering the support to effect their adoption to insure the realization of the Web 3.0’s full potential (Bios at: TODD WHITE)