Information Technology has a dark side: Cyber attacks. These attacks occur at every level from personal to institutional to national across a broad spectrum of sectors: administrative, financial, healthcare, engineering, infrastructure, political, military, basically everywhere the internet or communications are used. These attacks cause significant health, financial, privacy, and intellectual property losses and are ongoing. To thwart and prosecute perpetrators, as well as, mitigate their damage, companies, trade organizations and State governments should be calling on our Federal government to:

  • Fund Cybersecurity cooperation, surveillance, detection, and enforcement agencies,
  • Subsidize capital expenditures that bolster cyber security while benefitting the public,
  • Give immediate access to temporary financing of daily operations for continuity of service,
  • Underwrite flood-like insurance for organizations that have reasonable security in place,
  • Have exemptions from public disclosure when it could endanger a service or its provider,
  • Inform organizations and people how to design their IT deployment to be resilient to attack.

Rulon & White policy team stands ready to advance you and your allies’ interests in this potentially explosive area of vulnerability. We work with officials at all levels of the Executive branch and the federal bureaucracy to develop innovative regulatory and policy approaches and to persuade agencies to amend or re-interpret regulations.