Dr. Carol Pillsbury Patton covers health care policy issue areas and is a well-known Scientist, Doctorate, and has honed her skills in law and legal affairs while serving as Legislative Counsel to former Michigan Congressman John Conyers. Dr. Patton specializes in legislative issues including Stem cells, Immigration, Science and Technology, Healthcare Policy.

Dr. Patton has served as a Legacy Fellow in the United Sates Department of State during 2010, International Diplomat to Qatar in 2007, and International Diplomat to Saudi Arabia in 2009.

Dr. Patton holds Doctorate degrees from the Ohio State University College of Medicine in Philosophy, Cardio, Neurophysiology, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Detroit of Law, and M.S of Physiology of Medicine) and is admitted into the D.C Bar. cppatton@rulonwhite.com